Sculpt Challenge

✓ 2 Week Training and Nutrition Plan

✓ Learn new habits for a leaner physique

✓ Quick & delicious recipes

✓ Dumbbell-only workouts

Suitable for home or gym

✓ Start sculpting the best version of yourself


The Best You

If you've found yourself out of your fitness routine and looking for a fresh start, the 14-Day Sculpt Challenge is your perfect solution.

Designed to help you regain momentum and establish lasting habits, this program is tailored to individuals of all fitness levels. It's an ideal way to reignite your journey to a leaner, more athletic physique.


Sculpt Challenge

Nutrition guide

Guided workouts

25-40min sessions


Improve digestion, skin and energy

What you will achieve:

  • Build habits for a leaner, more athletic physique.

  • Access a flexible 2-week meal guide with three daily recipes and optional snacks.

  • Enjoy efficient workouts, all under 40 minutes.

  • Fit your fitness routine into your busy schedule, whether at home or the gym.

  • Immediate improvements in digestion, skin, and energy levels.

Who is it for?

Sculpt is perfect for you if:

  • You want to build lasting habits for a leaner, athletic physique.

  • You've drifted from your routine.

  • You're looking for a flexible meal guide with three daily recipes.

  • You prefer shorter workouts under 40 minutes.

  • You have a busy schedule.

Workout Duration?

  • Workout sessions that are time-efficient, with each session lasting between 30 to 40 minutes.

Training Style

  • 2 Lower Body Days, 1 Upper Body, 2 Full Body Days, and a Core Challenge.

  • A mix of strength training, HIIT/EMOMs.

  • A weekly restorative flow session for improved flexibility.

What'll You Recieve

Meal Guide

You'll find three daily recipes for the 14-day challenge, including snacks and vegetarian choices, all thoughtfully organised. The PDF, designed to complement the app, not only includes the grocery list but also provides a weekly meal plan.

This combination equips you with the essential tools needed for your journey towards achieving a lean, athletic physique.

Progress Tracking 

SUtilize our community's progress tracking tools. Share achievements, monitor your transformation with 'before' and 'after' photos, and celebrate the smallest changes within two weeks.

Remember, it's the ongoing journey that leads to lasting health and well-being transformations. While two weeks may not bring dramatic changes, you'll witness tangible improvements in your energy levels, digestive well-being, and the overall health of your skin.

Community Feed 

Your secret weapon for success. It's your support system, your accountability partner, and your motivation booster. Share your completed workouts and meals, inspiring others and staying on track with your goals.


Provides a structured workout schedule for your 14-day challenge, featuring a variety of exercises and follow-along live workouts. It also includes one weekly restorative flow session for flexibility and recovery.

This schedule is available in the PDF, offering clear guidance and ensuring you make the most of your 2-Week Sculpt Challenge.

What You Can Achieve

With Live & Lift

"Two years ago, I weighed over 100kg and struggled mentally. Discovering Olivia's 'Live & Lift' app changed my life. Her inspiring training videos and delicious recipes have become my daily gym companion.

The overnight oat recipes are a personal favourite! Thanks to Olivia and her app, I've transformed my life and regained control over my health.

- Lollo (Lift Up Challenge)

"Having trained for a while without any real structure, I was stuck in a plateau for what felt like forever. I discovered Olivia's 8-week program, and it changed the game for me. The structured approach gave my workouts purpose, and the results have been remarkable.

I'm stronger, fitter, and my glutes have grown The app is a total game-changer, easy to navigate. If you've been in my shoes and want to break free from that plateau, this program is the answer you've been searching for."

- Lauren (8 Strong & Fit Program)

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